Rice and Noodles

About 2 months ago, a fellow blogger wrote a post about her favourite Hakka restaurant. I told her that I knew a better place and after a major delay, here it is! Continue reading


Circles and Shades

Colouring books for adults. How many people have scoffed at the idea? How many have jumped at the chance to get back to something reminiscent of their younger years? Continue reading

Questions and Answers

I took a chance today. I asked myself, why not? It paid off!

Earlier this morning, I logged on to Twitter and saw that our PM, Justin Trudeau was holding a chat session on Twitter later in the day. I happened to check Twitter again just before 2pm and saw that he was responding to questions either by tweet or video.

As I scrolled through the feed, I wondered if little ol’ me could garner a response from the Prime Minister of Canada. Usually this is the point where I stop and move on.

Today though, I decided to be impulsive and just do it. Continue reading

Wind and Water – Part 1

My first cottage trip was both a blessing and a lesson. A blessing to just be outside all day, basking in the beauty of nature. A lesson, because I was not at all prepared for the weather and the drive. (Read Part 2 for my revised cottage trip packing list).

My first mistake: not eating breakfast. My super reliable, usually on-time, friend chose that day to come 2 and 1/2 hours late! Which meant I kept getting up to eat and sitting down worried that I would finish making breakfast just as my ride showed up. I got so bored I decided to do my nails. Which, of course, meant that my friend arrived about 2/3rds of the way into my impromptu manicure session. I got in the car starving and spent the 2 hour journey imagining the food awaiting me.

Close to the cottage we noticed winged creatures amassing in hoards. Continue reading

Igloos and Maple Syrup

As another work week begins, the Canada Day long weekend finished, I thought I would take some time to share a video me that me and my colleagues made last week. In honour of Canada Day, we asked people what Canada meant to them. Before I post the link to the video, I thought I’d give you my two cents. Continue reading

Towers and Avalanches

Yesterday, I imagined dumping the loads of laundered clothing lying around my room on myself and then calling my brother for emergency evacuation. I would have enjoyed the annoyed look on his face as he ‘rescued me’ from the avalanche. Though knowing him, he might have jumped right into mountain and started talking about this and that. I decided against this risky endeavour because he wasn’t home. I would have been stuck in great peril for an indefinite amount of time… Okay fine, I was bored. Continue reading

Bullets and Rainbows

As I sit here, ears assaulted by the sound of about a hundred screaming kids, I wonder at how I never noticed how loud the playground was when I was in school. I’ve been banished to a narrow strip of grass behind my brother’s school as he writes his exam. The longer that I sit under one of the few trees present, attempting to thwart the sun’s ever moving gaze, the more comforting the sound of the shrieking becomes. When you really listen, there’s an unbridled joy, a beautiful positive energy emanating from them. Balls fly up in the air, kids jumping and playing in their own peaceful (yet inordinately loud) world.

Adulthood. Watching these children I am struck with the realisation that I am no longer a part of their world. The biggest problem isn’t that I didn’t finish my math homework, or that I can’t for the life of me find my reading club book; I have been exposed to the “real world” for so long that the thought of not having terrorism or global warming on my mind feels like going home to a place you only just remembered you knew.


Image Credit: http://morguefile.com/search/morguefile/6/playground/pop

As the events of the past few days roll through my head, I find myself envying their ignorance. How many rainbows are out there on that field right now? How many of them are waiting be erased by the pull of a trigger? Continue reading

Sand and Silence

Pick a place you’ve always wanted to see. Somewhere you dream of travelling. Now close your eyes and visualize being there. Here, let me give you an example.

When I close my eyes and think of visiting the ancient pyramids in Egypt, there are sand dunes as far as the eye can see. A few strands of my windswept hair graze my face, the breeze a comforting caress as the sun beats down from above. I see a camel in the distance, and beyond that, between the mounds of sparkling sand stand the Pyramids of Giza.

Your turn… Yes, I really want you to close your eyes and try.

Now let me ask you something; did you see any people there or was it just you? Let’s try one more.

I’m in a lush garden, a few pigeons fly above me as I walk along a cobbled path. There is silence all around, as there should be, save for the occasional chirp from the depths of the many trees whose generous branches provide me with shade. The sound of gushing water reaches my ears as I look up to see a long, rectangular pool with fountains placed at perfect intervals. They lead my eye to a vision of beauty beyond compare. Continue reading